Few words about us


DealMark is dream venture of passionate and dedicated professionals to make a difference the way Business Services are provided in India. We aim to provide a unique service experience to the Clients so that they not only get value for money but also help them achieve critical milestones in their entrepreneurial journey. We work “shoulder to shoulder” with the Client in creating the value, making them feel of an insider and yet maintain independence and integrity. Like Spring, the beginning of all things is small and we have just stepped out on a journey to built a successful organization by combining relative strengths of Sectors/ Specialties/ Skills for a comprehensive package for all recurring and non-recurring needs of the Clients. We are “Be what you are” people and brings simple life inspirations to work. We believe that “Performance” comes from “Passion” and Faith, Force and Focus can lead to achievement of goals.


At DealMark, we believe that the solution to a problem should be like water – free flowing, transparent and ever-evolving. This requires a combination of Focus and Perspective, which is aimed at bringing most practical and effective solution for business issues. We believe that we are uniquely placed to deliver a seamless result oriented services platform fitting to the needs of the Clients: 

  • Sector Knowledge coupled with business insights
  • Market Relationships on supply and demand sides
  • Every Assignment brings fresh perspective and hence, no “fit-all” solutions
  • Developing solutions while working closely with Clients and therefore, implementation and results risks are minimized
  • Dedicated team with relevant experience for each assignment for timely deliverables

Our Approach : Engaging & Incisive

At DealMark, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach to identify and solve the day to day business issues to helping businesses taking long term strategy decisions. We draw upon our knowledge, experience and market intelligence and at the same time, we connect with appropriate resources to bring the relevant insights to apply to these business situations and conditions. The foundation of execution of all professional engagements is based on following pillars:

  • Unique Service Model with Team, Time and Tested Modules
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Dynamic Reporting throughout Engagement
We deploy resources for quantitative & qualitative research, which produce insights. These insights help you to make decisions that lead to difference in bottom lines. We aim at giving a “The feel-good and treat factor” to the Client for our engagement with them.


  • If you are a startup company, we can help you right from setting up your business , conceptualization of the business ideas, finding market needs , preparation of feasibility and project reports and taking it to the market – commercialization.
  • If you are looking to grow your business, we can be of assistance to you in finding growth avenues internally (organic – new product lines, expansions, etc.) and externally (M&A)
  • If you are looking to rationalize your business, we are there to help you in spinning off or divesting non-core ventures to create nimble and flexible businesses
  • If you need assistance in an on-going business in terms of customary product like valuations, business services, MIS, Compliances, etc. , we would be right there to advise you.